Cirque School produces numerous performance opportunities throughout the year for those students who are passionate about taking their training to the "stage". There are 3 levels of performances: Performance Workshop Demo's, Recitals and Showcases.

Cirque School Recitals

Recitals offer our students the chance to explore the art of performing. The emphasis here is to explore how to take the skills taught in class and turn them into an act that is captivating no matter what the level is.  Students are pushed to interlace their own unique personality with their discipline of choice to create a true, one-of-a-kind performance.

Recitals allow students to create works of their own which are overseen by their coaches to ensure safety. Audiences are made up of a small group of family and friends who are invited to attend. 

Performance Workshop          

These performance workshops are for the Cirque School community where students can perform in a low pressure environment for their fellow students and coaches. This is a perfect opportunity to first timers as well as seasoned pro's who are workshopping new ideas.  A  Post Wine & Cheese celebration and  discussion concludes the evening.  

Cirque School Showcases

Showcases are circus productions created with our intermediate and advanced students in mind. These shows are costumed, choreographed, lit and creatively developed with the idea of showcasing the wonderful talent and hard work our students bring to the table each and every day. Our shows cover the full spectrum of circus performance: students audition for their roles, are placed in acts based on their individual talents and are encouraged to build a strong ensemble with their fellow performers. Showcases often have an overarching theme or story and require extra dedication and involvement from students. These shows are treated as true circus performances and are open to the broader community. It's an exhilarating experience that often pushes students to grow as a performer in ways a class simply cannot do.

Showcases are a public event for anyone to attend.